NDIS Physiotherapy Services

Individualised Therapy Plans

Independence and mobility are key aspects of good health, and our physiotherapists help adults and children get the most out of life through a range of tailored and proven treatments and therapies. They will help participant’s improve mobility, balance, movement, posture, strength, coordination and management of chronic conditions. Whether you’re someone with a disability, a cherished family member, or a dedicated support coordinator, we’re ready to get started in this journey.

Assistive Technology Solutions

We take pride in our ability to prescribe, source, and adapt assistive technology tailored to your needs. From walking aids and frames to wheelchairs and respiratory devices, our expert physiotherapists ensure that you receive the most suitable equipment for your conditions

Balance Training and Falls Prevention

Falls can lead to severe injuries, especially among the elderly. Our physiotherapists are proficient in evaluating risks and creating effective falls prevention strategies. Gain the confidence to move freely without fear of falling.

Movement and Gait Analysis

Experience our meticulous gait analysis services aimed at understanding your walking patterns. If required, our physiotherapists can prescribe the ideal mobility aid to assist you in everyday life.

 Strength and Conditioning Programs

Each individual is unique, and so are their physical capabilities and needs. Our physiotherapists assess your strengths and weaknesses to create a customized exercise program, aimed at enhancing your physical health.

Hydrotherapy Treatment

Are you struggling with pain and discomfort? Our physiotherapists are skilled in hydrotherapy treatments that utilize water-based exercises to relieve pain and improve physical well-being.

Neurological Rehabilitation

We provide comprehensive neurological rehabilitation services for both adults and children. Whether you’re dealing with multiple sclerosis, chromosomal disorders, Parkinson’s disease, or recovering from a stroke, we have the experience to assist you effectively.

Respiratory Treatment

Our physiotherapists are well-trained in providing respiratory treatments for chest clearance, to help those suffering from respiratory ailments or recovering from respiratory conditions.