Kinetic Link Training (KLT)

KLT is a functional strength and conditioning training using full body integrated movement patterns in order to strengthen natural 3-dimensional human movements.

Difference between KLT and Traditional gym training:

It is different from traditional strength training, where the focus is to target specific muscle group only. KLT programme aims to train whole body and focus is on movement rather than any particular muscle. KLT exercises target both local and global muscle systems and multiple joints and muscles at the same time.

KLT exercises involve upper limb, lower limb and trunk movements engaging different kinetic chains in body and allowing to achieve ‘Movement with Ease’.

KLT programme can be tailored to any

  •  age group,
  •  population- athletic or elderly
  •  specific rehabilitation goal such as – strength, endurance, power or co-ordination.

For KLT based exercises you need minimal equipment – resistance tubes/bands or weights only.

Once you have your tailored programme from your Physio, you can do your exercises at home or gym using cables and weights.

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