How to get most out of your rehabilitation programme – Understanding Physiotherapy!

Finding a right physiotherapist is the first step towards your recovery pathway; but understanding what physiotherapy involves or how broad treatments can be, can make the difference between a good and a great rehabilitation process.

Physiotherapy session should not be limited to massages and modalities. There are many different methods which can be explored to achieve your goals. There is no ‘one fits all’ approach. Treatment should be tailored to each individual’s unique challenges and recovery goals.

We get disappointed when we hear stories where people invest their time and money and end up nowhere because their treatment was limited to massage and heat packs only, and at the end it leads to conclusion that physiotherapy was not effective for their injury management.

Ideally, your physiotherapist should explain your condition to you, set realistic goals and guide you through your rehabilitation process from start to finish.

So, choosing the right physiotherapist is the first step to good recovery.

What next once the “pain” is cured?

Mostly we consult physiotherapist when we are in pain. Once the driver “Pain” is gone we easily lose track and deviate away from the pathway of achieving our long-term goals.

During consultation, it’s important to set both short- and long-term goals with patients. Firstly, our focus should be to achieve short term goals to re-gain pain free range of movement and increase strength. As we progress, one should continue rehabilitation to achieve their long term goals.

We conducted a survey at our clinic to find out why patients have a tendency not to continue their treatments and smash their long-term goals. The two common barriers which are repeatedly brought up are cost and time.

To address these barriers, at ProCure Physio and Health Services, we are offering a Kinetic Link Training, – a systematic strength and body conditioning system which delivers precise and effective results for many of our patients. It’s a more cost effective and time efficient approach as it’s a circuit training and helps our clients to stay the course to achieve their long-term goals, such as regaining full body strengthening and co-ordination.

Physiotherapy is an effective way of reaching your wellness goals and reducing your pain – like anything worth doing, you just need to persist with your rehabilitation plan to reap the full rewards.