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Sports Related Knee Injury

Finding a right physiotherapist is the first step towards your recovery pathway; but understanding what physiotherapy involves or how broad treatments can be, can make the difference between a good and a great rehabilitation process.

Michael came to see ProCure Physio with a knee injury sustained by playing soccer but was unsure what caused the knee injury to start with. He tried to continue playing, but as time went on, it became more apparent that there was a more serious issue – with the pain worsening.


He was diagnosed with meniscal tear which required surgery and required extensive rehabilitation afterwards, to slowly build up the strength in his knee.


ProCure Physio worked with Michael in the following weeks with an array of exercises to allow him to return to full, pain free mobility and importantly get him playing soccer again. Our team have provided expert, caring guidance to a very grateful Michael who has regained his former knee health.