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Recovering from a work-related shoulder injury

Rozeen came to see Procure Physio to help her recover from a left shoulder impingement.

It was a work-related injury and stopped Rozeen from enjoying full mobility, especially as she wasn’t sure what exactly was happening within the shoulder. We suggested an MRI, to gain a full picture of the injury and understand exactly what we are dealing with, in order to progress her treatment.

At this stage, Rozeen was in a lot of pain and was desperate to gain a firm diagnosis and rehabilitation schedule. Her MRI results explained the discomfort she was in and this prompt diagnosis enabled us to start a treatment plan quickly and regain her mobility.

Importantly, after physical therapy and this tailored rehabilitation plan, Rozeen was able to return to work, happy to no longer be suffering from pain and grateful to our team at Procure Physio and Charu for our expert help in regaining her health!